Why Is My Kuhli Loach Turning White? – Best Solutions For Your Fish

You are observing Kuhli Loaches swimming happily in an aquarium, but, out of the blue, you realize that your fish color has turned white. Where is the vibrant and colorful color of your fish? What should you do? Do not worry! GA Pet Sitters is right here to help you deal with this phenomenon by answering the question: “Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white?”

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? - GAPetSitters

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? – Best solutions for you

First, Kuhli Loach losing their colors is ordinary. Do not worry about it too seriously since Kuhli Loach can be influenced easily by lighting and water parameters! Moreover, losing their body color can happen when they are resting.

However, if your Kuhli Loach loses their color while sleeping, it will get the color back immediately. In contrast, if their color does not come back, there can exist other reasons that require you to investigate.

Hence, today’s article will show you all the root reasons why your Kuhli Loach is turning white. Lets’ read it carefully and find what you need!

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color?

There are several reasons why your Kuhli Loach is losing its color. Let’s refer to the list below to figure out all your curiosity!

Resting Kuhli Loach

Surprised! Your Kuhlo Loaches can be lost their color and turn into white when they are sleeping or resting. This phenomenon is quite ordinary and popular with colorful fish.

Hence, you do not need to worry too much. Be patient and wait for one or two days! Their gorgeous colors will reappear in the next few days. However, if you notice and realize that their color does not come back, there are, maybe, other reasons behind it.

Old Age

Another reason to answer for this phenomenon of Kuhli Loach is because of their age. When your Kuhli Loach is older and older, they will lose their color little by little.

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? - GAPetSitters

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color?

Just like humans, Kuhli Loach will face aging when growing old. The aging of Kuhli Loach will express through their body color. Their vibrant color will be faded day by day. And one day, they will turn white.

This is not your fault since aging can affect any animals on Earth and no one can avoid it. Hence, Kuhli Loach is obviously not an exception. Sometimes, you need to sit down slowly and accept it.

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Inadequate Water Parameters

What will happen if you cannot escape from the frozen room below 0 degrees Celsius? And how can you live or survive when living in the wrong habitat?

Easily understanding, you will begin to be tired and ill. Especially, when someone looks at you, they will realize you tiring and blue color on your face. You will look pale and it shows that your body is not well-being.

Plus, your Kuhli Loaches are also like you. As they live in an uncomfortable environment, the bad same things will happen to them. They cannot stand and adapt to the environment well, especially when the water parameters do not suit them.

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? - GAPetSitters

Inadequate Water Parameters

It is not like your Kuhli Loaches see you free, so they give you more work to do like your boss. Frankly speaking, Kuhli Loaches will become chaotic, and difficult to stay calm when the water fluctuation is inconsistent and there is nothing showing that the water quality is improved.

At first, your fish will try to find a way or places to hide. the worst thing that can happen is when your fish jump out of the aquarium and escape. 

Consequently, when trying to save themselves, depression and stress will attack them directly. Kuhli Loach will give up their daily routines and suffer spiritual pains. As a result, their color will begin to fade away day by day.

Stress Due To Bullying Tank Mates

We all know that when fish lose their color, it is an important sign of depression and stress. Moreover, your fish not only become stressed because of water parameters but also bullied by their tank mates.

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? - GAPetSitters

Stress Due To Bullying Tank Mates

Your Kuhli Loach will face psychological pains even more intensively if they are attacked by the bullying fish mates. Thus, they will hide and become sick, which leads to the losing bright color of their body.

Brighter Lighting

Kuhli Loach is influenced a lot when the light is too high. We all know that Kuhli Loaches are fond of burying into the sand and have a tendency to go out and look for food at night when the light level is low. 

The sunlight and high-power light can cause the losing color of your Kuhli Loach. Hence, it will make them stressed and uncomfortable. This is the reason why you should pay attention to the light level your aquarium receives to ensure that the beautiful appearance of your fish will not fade away.

Can Kuhli Loaches Change Color?

Obviously, a Kuhli Loach can change its color. However, you should not compare it to chameleons. They are not the same. Specifically, the color of Kuhli Loaches will change when their moods change, which means that their color relies on their mood.

A Kuhli Loach will have a vibrant and gorgeous color when they enjoy their happy and comfortable life. Furthermore, at that moment, their color can be more colorful and brighter.

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? - GAPetSitters

Can Kuhli Loaches Change Color?

Nevertheless, the bad water quality and environment can make your Kuhli Loaches be lost their color. Their body color will be dim and faded.

Moreover, the lighting can be another factor leading to losing color. So, you should notice the contribution of light and avoid hot sunlight shining directly at the aquarium.

More importantly, losing color because of light and water quality is the root cause of stress and depression. It illustrates another serious stress level. Therefore, you should be careful with it.

Do Kuhli Loaches Shed Their Skin?

Do Kuhli Loaches shed their skin? The answer to this question is quite complex. We cannot say yes or no completely since it depends on your ideology that you think their slime coat is considered skin or not.

First of all, if the answer is “yes”, your Kuhli Loach can shed their skin like a snake once in a while. However, it will be quite ridiculous because that is not their skin. It is just a slime coat. So, the answer can be “no”. Kuhli Loaches have no scales, so they have slime coats and will shed when growing.

Their slime coats are clear and transparent, like a gel-like mass. So, it is nothing strange when these coats will be removed follows the time.

Kuhli Loach Shedding Slime Coat

Generally, all fish types will shed slime coats but you have just never noticed before. Some people who do not get enough knowledge about Kuhli Loaches will think that it is their skin. But it is not. They just remove their coats naturally and there is nothing complicated in the shedding process.

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? - GAPetSitters

Kuhli Loach Shedding Slime Coat

Plus, it is not easy for you to catch a Kuhli Loach shedding its clime coats. Because the process will be quite long. Their slime skin will shed little by little and it is so hard to observe with normal eyes.

If you notice your Kuhli Loaches shed more slime coats than normal, they can be under stress due to chasing or territory war in the aquarium. Thus, do not forget to notice them carefully to be sure bad things will not happen.

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Will The Kuhli Loach Regain Its Color After Losing It?

Frankly speaking, if the problem is not too serious or Kuhli Loach losing their color is because they are resting, it is 100 percent that their color will be back in 2 or 3 days. However, the aquarium condition will play a key role in regaining color.

So that, take care of the condition of your fish tank, Kuhli Loaches will take advantage of it and bring their vibrant color back.

However, if you Kuhli Loaches are losing their color because of aging, you can do nothing except accepting this bad. No one can escape from being aging day by day and in the future. Humans cannot win the rule of life and the natural aging process.

How Can You Help Kuhli Loach To Get Back Its Color?

There are so many ways to help your Kuhli Loach get their beautiful color back. First, you should check the water condition and parameters. If there is anything wrong here, try to fix it and remain the suitable water condition for your fish.

Why is my Kuhli Loach turning white? - GAPetSitters

How Can You Help Kuhli Loach To Get Back Its Color?

Second, do not let bullying tank mates live in the same habitat with your Kuhli Loaches anymore! Separate them and bring peace of mind to your Kuhli Loach! After breaking, your fish color will reappear. Besides, remember to feed your fish with enough nutrition! When your fish back to their normal daily life! The color will be back!

Of course, do not forget to decrease the light and keep a suitable dark light level! You can turn the light off at night to make sure your Kuhli Loaches are comfortable. In these ways, their color will get back soon.

How Long Will It Take To Regain The Lost Color Of Kuhli Loach?

As we mentioned above, a Kuhli Loach will get their color back in one or two days if the reason is the fact that it is sleeping and resting. For other reasons, if you take after your fish well, their color will be back in a few days.

How To Prevent The Kuhli Loach From Losing Its Color?

Of course, you need to create and maintain the best habitat for them to prevent losing Kuhli Loach’s color. Let’s refer to the needs below:

  • Keep the ideal water parameters all the time!
  • Remember to change the water once in one or two weeks! Don’t overdo it!
  • Keep the right fish can live happily with Kuhli and avoid bullying tank mates!
  • Minimize the light level and turn off the light at night!
  • No diet when keeping Kuhli Loach in the fish tank and feeding them enough every day!


All in all, because of some reasons above, you already knew why your Kuhli Loach is turning white, did not you? Losing the color is normal, however, don’t be subjective since there are so many hidden reasons inside. We hope that you can keep the most beautiful Kuhli Loaches with vibrant color forever when reading this article.

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