Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming In Circles? – Top 1 Important Things You Should Notice

Kuhli Loach is tropical fish belonging to the carnivore type. More specifically, it is a freshwater fish that originated in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. However, when keeping these fish, have you ever felt weird and asked the question “Why is my Kuhli Loach swimming in circles?”.

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming In Circles? - GA Pet Sitters
Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming In Circles? – The Important Things Should Notice

So, what the hell your Kuhli Loach is doing? Are they okay? GA Pet Sitters can answer that they are totally fine. It is like they cannot control their behavior and swim erratically. Sometimes, your Kuhli Loach will dig into the aquarium bottom out of blue and, sometimes, you will see them swimming on the water surface.

Today’s article will solve your curiosity by answering the question: “Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming In Circles?”. Let’s refer to this article and find the answer! 

Is It Usual For Kuhli Loach To Swim In Circles?

Honestly, Kuhli Loach has diverse swimming directions. And they can swim in circles without reason. Moreover, most fish keepers are interested in this special behavior of Kuhli Loaches. Hence, when you see a Kuhli Loach swimming in a circle, it is not usually bad as you thought 

However, it is not strange for them to erratically swim around. Furthermore, many people have a strong belief that this is the way to express Kuhli Loaches’ happiness and energetic and active character. Thus, erratically swimming is just an ordinary behavior of fish.

Reasons Why Kuhli Loach Swim In Circles

There are several reasons why Kuhli Loach swims in circles. For example, you often found that your Kuhli Loaches swim in a circle due to the water change, the poor water quality. Or other reasons can be a lack of food or they are under depression. 

And many people say that if the reason source from their depression, they can become ill and their health will be worse and worse. Hence, their mood is also the deciding factor to answer for their action.

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Weather Change

According to the report, Kuhli Loaches will swim in circles when the water temperature drops to below 75⁰F (roughly 23ºC). Their action is to increase body temperature, which helps them to keep warm and converse their energy.

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Reasons Why Kuhli Loach Swim In Circles

However, due to climate change, many current reports announced that Kuhli Loaches tend to decrease swimming in circles. This behavior is not as much as before.

Poor Water Quality

Be different from their appearance, Kuhli Loaches are known as a sensitive and fragile fish type. It is the reason why they often swim in circles when they figure out that the water quality is not good.

For instance, the poor water condition can cause an increase in ammonia levels, so your fish can be stressed and tend to swim uncontrollably in circles to announce you about the water problem. Besides, toxins or contaminants can also be another factor causing their circling behavior.

Hence, if you see your fish that are showing this unique behavior, do not be subjective! Let’s check the water quality to protect the health of your beloved fish.

Lack of Food or Other Stressors on the Fish

Although it is so interesting whilst seeing Kuhli Loaches swimming round and round, you should notice their behavior and expression carefully. If there are any signs that they show anxiety and agitation, you should notice and take care of them.

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming In Circles? - GA Pet Sitters
Lack of Food or Other Stressors on the Fish

Maybe, it is badly challenging when observing many Khuli Loaches at the same time to find out what is going on and what affects their behavior. However, as a true fish keeper, you have to take responsibility for them. 

Kuhli Loaches might be hungry and there is not enough food for them. So, you can give them more food. Furthermore, you can pay attention more to them and decrease their anxiety. That is the way to give them a happy life and increase your fish lifespan.

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Depends On Their Mood

As all the above things, you already knew that a Kuhli Loach will swim in a circle for several reasons such as weather change, the poor water quality of lack of food. However, you should keep in mind that these reasons are just a part of it. You still need to notice their behavior more intensively. More importantly, you have to remember these above reasons when your fish are swimming in circles to find a suitable solution. 

However, a lot of people think that it is just a way to show the happy status of Kuhli Loaches while others believe it is just a normal behavior to conserve energy. Anyways, it is so exciting when seeing Kuhli Loaches swimming in circles.

My Kuhli Loach Is Swimming In Circles – Is It Going Crazy?

Your Kuhli Loaches are swimming in circles, aren’t they? Do you think that they are going crazy? Calm down, our friends! When you notice and realize unusual behaviors, you should check for aquarium conditions such as water temperature, the amount of food, or water quality. Then, you need to figure out if there is anything wrong or not.

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My Kuhli Loach Is Swimming in Circles – Is It Going Crazy?

Plus, let’s pay attention to their mood! Are they anxious or stressful or not? After that, let’s find a way to help them feel better. If not, they can easily get diseases and die. However, if you see that your fish display other ordinary behavior by swimming in circles, there is nothing wrong here. Thus, you do not need to worry too much.

Nevertheless, if your fish do not stop swimming in circles, you have to notice for a long time and can look for help from other fish keepers. Then, you will know what problems are you facing now with your aquarium and fish.

Other Unusual Kuhli Loach Swimming Behavior

Swimming Back and Forth

Besides swimming in circles, Kuhli Loaches can swim back and forth in the water. For fish, this is their habit to look for food and escape from predators. Maybe, it will take time to figure out the issue. However, there is nothing wrong and brings a bad effect to your Kuhli Loaches. Hence, you do not need to worry about this. It is their normal behavior.

Swimming Up and Down

Moreover, your Kuhli Loaches not only can swim back and ford, but they can swim up and down as well. When noticing this, your fish can be under stress and anxiety. Nevertheless, they can be excited about something. Also, you have to spend time figuring out the cause. Just be patient with it!

Improper/Side Swimming

Aside from that, improper or side swimming is the most important behavior you must consider. It occupies a huge part that your Kuhli Loaches are in trouble and are searching for the owner’s help. Let’s refer to the list below to find out what reasons make your Kuhli Loaches lie on their side:

  • First of all, Kuhli Loaches are sick or injured, so they cannot swim normally like on daily days. If you see your fish that is trying to swim and sometimes it is frozen, let’s help and put it into another tank as soon as possible!
Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming In Circles? - GA Pet Sitters
Improper/Side Swimming
  • Secondly, Kuhli Loaches belong to territorial animals, so they are easy to fight with other fish due to protecting or expanding their territory. It is necessary to take your Kuhli Loach to the vet when you see it swim on the side and is motionless. If not, your fish will receive a big problem.
  • Finally, it can be a good way for Kuhli Loaches to cool down their body temperature. However, if you notice and see your Kuhli Loaches being too hot or uncomfortable, do not hesitate to take them to the vet!

Conclusion: Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming In Circles?

In conclusion, this article is the answer to your question: “Why is my Kuhli Loach swimming in circles?”. These are all things that GA Pet Sitters would like to share with you. Now, you will not worry when seeing your Kuhli Loach swimming in circles anymore, will you? However, do not be subjective! Remember to notice them frequently if there are any unusual actions and behaviors! Let’s protect Kuhli Loaches and give them the happiest life ever!

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