Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color? – The Best Answer And Solutions

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color? There are a ton of people asking this question. Maybe, you will see a Kuhli Loach without any vibrant color or stripes on it at least once in your life.

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color GA Pet Sitters

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color? – The Best Answer And Solutions

In this situation, whether your reaction can be shocked, overwhelmed, or surprised? We have no idea about how you will react, but we make sure that you will be very sad and feel blue honestly.

So, do Kuhli Loach lose color? And is it normal or not? The article shows you the reason why your Kuhli Loach is losing its color day by day. Let’s find out together!

What Is the Usual Color of Kuhli Loaches?

Kuhli Loaches are very friendly and can adapt well to diverse water types. Moreover, they own different colors that you can quickly identify with ordinary eyes. Light brown or green is the most popular color of Kuhli Loach.

However, we cannot deny that there are a lot of Kuhli Loach kinds with different colors. They can be yellow, green, dark brown, silver, orange or red, or even gold. Moreover, you sometimes can catch a Kuhli Loach with pink body color.

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color GA Pet Sitters

What Is the Usual Color of Kuhli Loaches?

Besides, male Kuhli Loaches often appear with a brighter color than females. This is understandable because their appearance can be referred to as the most effective tool to catch the attention of female fish.

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Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color?

There are several reasons why your Kuhli Loach changes its color. It can be caused by poor-quality water or the fluctuation in water temperature.

Moreover, Kuhli Loach’s state of health is also another factor causing this phenomenon. When a Kuhli Loach lacks nutrition, it will get sick and the body color can change.

Besides, suffering from old age, disease or paradise is also known as the causes leading to losing or changing the color of Kuhli Loaches.

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color GA Pet Sitters

Why Do Kuhli Loaches Change Color?

Moreover, in the case that Kuhli Loaches is resting, their color can be changed too. Hence, you do not need to worry too much in this case.

Most importantly, depression can be another reason for the change in color of your Kuhli Loach. And there are also a lot of reasons for being under stressful. For example, it is the consequence of poor water quality or being bullied by other tank mates.

Plus, please notice the light level in the fish tank because it can affect the fish’s mood. Kuhli Loach is active at night, which means they adore nightlife. So, a brighter light can influence them negatively.

Can Kuhli Loaches Lose Color?

Obviously, a Kuhli Loach can lose its color, which is not too strange for fishkeepers. So, what are the reasons? It can be the consequences of diverse things such as poor water quality, water temperature change, lack of nutrients, fish disease and parasites, and old age.

Poor Water Quality

The very first reason leading to the color change is because of the poor-quality water condition. The water condition can affect the color of the fish living in it. If a Kuhli Loach is living in the bad water, they can change their color obviously.

Besides, Kuhli Loaches cannot thrive well in bad water conditions. They can easily get diseases and depressed, which is also a reason causing the color change.

Changes in Water Temperature

Kuhli Loaches are extremely sensitive to water temperature. If it is too low and the water is cool, the color will be changed. However, in the condition of warmer water temperature, its color will be more vibrant and brighter.

Lack Of Nutrients

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color GA Pet Sitters

Lack of Nutrients

A Kuhli Loach is not healthy when its body does not contain an efficient amount of nutrients. When your fish suffers from a lack of nutrients, their color will turn pale. Moreover, if this situation lasts for a long time, they can die. Hence, it is very essential to provide your Kuhli Loaches with a well-balanced diet to ensure that your fish will thrive happily and healthily.


Another factor that can influence the color of Kuhli Loaches is parasites. Parasites can be considered the enemy of fish. Once Kuhli Loach is attacked by parasites, their immune system of Kuhli will be decreased. Your fish will lose its appetite, which leads to a lack of nutrients. Thus, the color will be changed.


When you notice that your Kuhli Loaches losing their color so many times, it can be may a sign of disease. You should care more about your Kuhli to help them cure illness. Look at its abdomen! If there are any strange features, let’s give them a hand and separate them from other tank mates!

Old Age

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color GA Pet Sitters

Old Age

No one can against the flow of time. Like humans or any animals in this world, Kuhli Loaches will face old age in the future. That is when their appearance will not be as beautiful and vibrant as before. Their color will fade away following the time and they will suffer from death.

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How to Help Kuhli Loach to Get Back Its Color?

It is impossible to answer this question because it all depends on the environment, the type, and the typical features of each Kuhli. However, the color of your Kuhli Loach can get back soon if they are in resting time. Normally, it is about 2 or 3 days.

Moreover, if you see no difference and nothing in advance, you should check another factor we mentioned above. From that, you can figure out the right reason and improve it.

How To Prevent The Kuhli Loach From Losing Its Color?

According to the above information, we can realize that protecting and maintaining a good environment for Kuhli Loach is the most effective way to prevent losing color. Therefore, how to prevent the Kuhli Loach from losing its color and keep an ideal habitat? Please refer to some solutions below:

  • Firstly, the water parameters are very important and play a key role in remaining a well-balanced temperature for the aquarium. So, you should remember to check it regularly to ensure that it is at an ideal level all the time.
  • Secondly, it is essential for you to change the water (25% of water) every week. However, do not overuse it or it can be harmful to your lovely fish!
Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color GA Pet Sitters

How To Prevent The Kuhli Loach From Losing Its Color?

  • Thirdly, you had better not keep aggressive fish with Kuhli Loach. Kuhli Loach is famous for being kind, friendly, and quiet. Keeping aggressive fish can be awful because these fish can bull Kuhli Loaches. And your Loaches will be stressful and try to hide as long as possible.
  • Next, the light level is also significant. A too high light level will make Kuhli Loach uncomfortable and under depression. They are not enough confident to come out looking for food in a high level of light.
  • Finally, You need to ensure that you provide your fish with enough nutrition to thrive well. They are also like humans. When they are full, happy, anad healthy, they will feel loved and live happily.

Conclusion: Why Is My Kuhli Loach Losing Color?

In conclusion, this article is all about Kuhli Loach we wanted to share with you. From it, you already know the reason why your Kuhli Loaches change their color and how to help them. GA Pet Sitters hopes that you will have the best time with your fish and can keep its stunning color forever.