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Kuhli LoachWhat Does A Kuhli Loach Eat? - Best Food For Kuhli Loach

What Does A Kuhli Loach Eat? – Best Food For Kuhli Loach

What Does A Kuhli Loach Eat? Have you ever asked yourself this question when keeping a Kuhli Loach? GA Pet Sitters ensures that at least once in your life will ask yourself this kind of question when beginning to keep a pet, and a Kuhli Loach is not an exception.

What Does A Kuhli Loach Eat? - GA Pet Sitters
What Does A Kuhli Loach Eat? – Best Food For Kuhli Loach

As we all know, Kuhli Loaches are known as carnivores. Obviously, meaty foods are their cup of tea. However, you cannot feed them unconscionably and freely. We should have the right schedule and food type to ensure their well-being.

However, if this problem is still your concern and a big question for you, GA Pet Sitter would like to give you a hand to deal with it. In today’s article, we would like to share with you all the information to answer the question: “What does a Kuhli Loach eat?”. Let’s take a look!  

Here’s A List Of Suitable Foods For Kuhli Loach

According to the habitat and behaviors of a Kuhli Loach, there are a lot of things that Kuhli Loaches can eat. For example, one of their favorite food is bloodworms. Or they also can eat brine shrimp, flake food, or sinking pellets. Here is a food list that is good for your Kuhli Loach:

  • Algae Tablets
  • Bloodworms  
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Finely
  • Chopped Meaty Foods
  • Flake Food·      
  • Frozen Foods·      
  • Live Daphnia·      
  • Mysis Shrimp     
  • Sinking Pellets   
  • Vegi Matter

Can Kuhli Loach Eat Snails?

Many new fish keepers say that Kuhli can eat snails and all the wastes from the aquarium bottom. We cannot deny that a part of it is true. However, snails or garbage should not be the main food to feed your adorable Kuhli Loaches.

Kuhli Loaches rarely eat snails in the aquarium, they tend to hide their body in the gravel and look for food from the apertures between stones. These special fish are just interested in meaty food such as frozen food or bloodworms. They have no interest in snails.

GA Pet Sitters
Can Kuhli Loach Eat Snails?

Moreover, it is easy for Kuhli Loaches to eat well and do not need to fight with other fish for food. Hence, Kuhli Loach is not a good fish to eat snails and clean their place well, so it is impossible to force them to do that. If you want some fish that can do it, let’s try to keep a Yo Yo Loach, a fish type that originated from the North of India and Nepal!

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Can Kuhli Loach Eat Flake Fish Food?

So, how about fake fish food? Can a Kuhli Loach eat flake fish food? And the answer is “Yes, it can”. We all know that Kuhli Loaches belong to tropical fish, so they totally can eat flake fish food.

However, you need to notice what kind of fish you have in your aquarium and the amount of food that your Kuhli Loach will consume. If you want to feed your Kuhli Loach with flake fish food, you should ensure that other fish types in your aquarium will not scramble all food and not spend any on Kuhli Loach.

What Does A Kuhli Loach Eat? - GA Pet Sitters
Can Kuhli Loach Eat Flake Fish Food?

More specifically, for example, if you are keeping Tiger Barbs, a fast-moving and smart fish type, your Kuhli Loaches may not receive any piece of food from them. Kuhli Loaches cannot win Tiger Bards about the flexibility and speed.

Do Kuhli Loach Eat Algae?

Most fish can eat algae, and Kuhli Loach is not an exception. Kuhli Loaches are able to eat algae from gravel at the aquarium bottom. However, they cannot eat all. You should remember that Kuhli Loach just eats a tiny amount of algae. 

It is easy to see that the aquarium cannot be clean with just Kuhli Loach. You cannot force them to eat all algae and clean the aquarium. Hence, cleaning the aquarium is still your responsibility. You should change the water regularly and maintain the aquarium condition to keep it always clean. 

It is right that Kuhli Loach plays a part of the role to make the gravel loose and free. They often dig in the substrate, which washes away all leftover food and dirty. After that, filters do their missions and keep the aquarium clean.

How Often Should You Feed Kuhli Loach?

Huhli Loach is the same as other types of fish. They will eat following the schedule of other friends in the aquarium. Moreover, Kuhli Loach tends to eat all day and overnight and look for leftover food, so it is not strange when you see a Kuhli Loach swimming around the aquarium and looking for food.

What Does A Kuhli Loach Eat? - GA Pet Sitters
How Often Should You Feed Kuhli Loach?

Moreover, if you still wonder what the best time for feeding Kuhli Loach is, you should refer to our basic schedule below:

Food type Frequency Amount
Flake Food 3 times/day Complete in 90 seconds
Pellets 3 times/week A fish should eat 1-2 mini pellets 
Bloodworms- live 2 times/week 1/4 Teaspoon of worms is enough for a fish 
Bloodworm- Freeze Dried 2 times/ week Small pinch
Algae Wafers/tablets 2 times/ week 10 fish can eat 1 tablet or wafer 
Brine Shrimp – Live Once a week 1-2 brine shrimp is good for a fish
Other supplement foods or Vegetables 2 times/ week Complete in 90 seconds

Conclusion: What Do Kuhli Loach Eat?

We cannot deny that Kuhli Loach is great and easy to keep. They can eat any food that is suitable for tropical fish. However, you should ensure their nutrition for them. So, let’s not only give them flake food because they need other food such as bloodworms to thrive strongly.

Moreover, you cannot eat the same food day by day, can you? It will make you bored. Let’s imagine! Kuhli Loach is also like you. Therefore, Kuhli Loach needs to have diversity in eating, so they will eat more and grow better. Now, you already knew the answer to the question: “What does a Kuhli Loach eat?”.


Can Kuhli Loaches Eat Vegetables?

Kuhli Loaches are tropical fish, so they are likely to eat different types of food, both live food and fish food from pet shops. Moreover, they are fond of green foods. Hence, it is great if you add more vegetables to every meal. Some of the vegetables that they can eat are cooked spinach, zucchini, or lettuce. So, you can try feeding them this food.

Do You Need To Feed Kuhli Loach?

You should feed your Kuhli Loach a couple of times per day. They need to be fed to thrive strongly and healthily. Unlike wildlife habitats, they cannot find enough food to live well in the artificial environment of your aquarium.

GA Pet Sitters
Do You Need To Feed Kuhli Loach?

Plus, flakes and pellets can be their favorite food because this food will sink into the aquarium bottom and Kuhli Loach loves to dwell at the bottom and look for food. This is one of their life behavior.
However, as we said, these fish are crazy about meaty food. So, it is great to feed them bloodworms or brine shrimp. This food will provide them with better nutrition.

How Often Do You Feed Kuhli Loach?

Kuhli Loaches are not picky ones, so they will eat anything they found out. The best food for them are bloodworms, sink pellets, flake fish, etc. Besides, you should feed Kuhli Loach twice a day. Because these fish have a tendency to eat and search for food at night, it is beneficial to feed them at night when the aquarium is dark and other fish are sleeping.


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