How To Tell If Kuhli Loach Is Dead? – Best 6 Ways To Help Kuhli Loach Live Longer

Kuhli Loach is a shy, awkward and friendly fish. Moreover, they often move slowly and gently. That is the reason why they require a spacious fish tank with so many spots to hide, which helps them feel safe. However, sometimes, the fishkeepers are so surprised why Kuhli Loaches can die and keep dying in the aquarium. So, how to tell if Kuhli Loach is dead? And what can we do to help them prevent the dead?

How To Tell If Kuhli Loach Is Dead? - GA Pet Sitters

How To Tell If Kuhli Loach Is Dead? – Best Way To Help Kuhli Loach Live Longer

Kuhli Loach is famous for being a strong species against disease. Nevertheless. It does not mean that they will not get a disease or die. Please keep in mind that you should not put them in an uncycled aquarium. If you do that, your Kuhli Loach can suffer from ammonia poisoning.

Moreover, this fish is quite sensitive, so the change in water parameters can affect their mood and behaviors. Hence, maintaining the right water temperature is a key role to help them thrive and live longer.

Today, GA Pet Sitters will show you how to tell if Kuhli Loach is dead, why, and how to prevent it. Let’s refer to this article and get more information!

Reasons Why Your Kuhli Loach Is Dying

If one day, you notice your Kuhli Loach and seem like they are unlike the normal day. Your Kuhli Loaches do not want to eat and just sit at the aquarium bottom without any action. They become positive and have a had mood. That is the time you should worry and have to pay attention to them. If not, they can die or be going to the dead.

Besides, there are many reasons why your Kuhli Loach is dying. They can be:

Poor water condition

Kuhli Loach loves dark and they just go out looking for food at night. So, they tend to eat eagles and anything they can eat in the aquarium. Although Kuhli Loach can adapt to so many water conditions, they still can get sick from eating and digesting bad food in the water such as eagles. When you see the eagle color turn into dark brown or black, the water quality is quite bad. You should change the water and check the quality of the water condition.

Ammonia Poisoning

Ammonia poison is one of the most dangerous factors affecting directly to the life of fish. It causes damage to motor neurons and makes them lose the ability to move. Once you see your Kuhli Loaches swim or lay on only one side or they are frozen, they can suffer from ammonia poisoning.

Therefore, you should change the water or put them in a new aquarium immediately to save them from death. That’s is the reason why we encourage you tô check the water condition frequently to guarantee the water quality and protect your Kuhli Loach.

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Another reason why your Kuhli Loach keeps dying is because of disease. Like humans or any animals in this world, Kuhli Loach will be able to die if they get the disease and are not cured timely. Kuhli Loaches can suffer from diverse diseases such as worms or parasites. Especially, when the water condition is worse and worse, the rate of Kuhli Loaches suffering disease will increase higher and higher.

Poor Genes

How to identify when Kuhli Loaches own poor genes inside their body? Let’s look at their body color! If you see white spots on their body, it is a sign to tell you that your Kuhli Loach has a poor gene. And these Kuhli Loaches will be more sensitive to water changes and quality.

How To Tell If Kuhli Loach Is Dead? - GA Pet Sitters

Reasons Why Your Kuhli Loach Is Dying – Poor genes

Hence, you should separate these fish and let them live in another environment. Moreover, they can get diseases more easily than other healthy Kuhli Loach. So, separating them is also the best way to quarantine them with other fish in the aquarium as well as protect other tank mates from death due to diseases.

Water Parameter Changes

It is not fine when a Kuhli Loach swims to the water surface and breathes difficulty to get more oxygen. That is a hint that fish give to you. Kuhli Loaches want to tell that the water parameter is changing suddenly and they cannot stand for a long time. 

Even though Kuhli Loach can suffer this situation well, you should check the water parameter and have the best solution as soon as possible in order to not influence fish health. If not, bad things can happen to them.

Bullying And Stress

Bullying and stress can be considered other factors leading to the death of Kuhli Loach. When you see a Kuhli Loach with shed skins, they can be suffered from bullying by other tank mates. Because of bullying, your fish can be dramatically under depression or killed.


If you notice Kuhli Loaches’s belly and realize that it is bigger than ever, there are two situations. First, if this Kuhli Loach is a female during the pregnancy period, this Kuhli Loach can be pregnant. Second, it eats too much, so the belly is larger. And overfeeding is not good. Do not overfeed them because they cannot digest all of the food.

How Can You Tell If Your Kuhli Loach Is Dying Or Sick?

If you want to save your fish life, you should know how to identify whether a Kuhli Loach is going to die or they are getting sick. Then, we will have the solution for them. Thus, how to tell if Kuhli Loach is dead?  Kuhli Loaches will have three signs for fishkeepers to identify. 

Kuhli Loach is Laying on Side

Once Kuhli Loaches have a tendency to lay on one side, it is a sign for you to pay attention. These fish need other places to breathe the oxygen in the aquarium. When they keep not moving and staying at the same position and spot, they can die due to suffocation. Thus, you should ensure that they have many hiding spots to be free and feel safe. Moreover, they can get out of the water more easily.

Kuhli Loach Stops Eating

How To Tell If Kuhli Loach Is Dead? - GA Pet Sitters

How Can You Tell If Your Kuhli Loach Is Dying Or Sick?

One of the serious behavior to show their bad condition is stopping eating. Stopping eating can be a sign of sick or old age. And they can die when starving themselves for a long time. So, they will lay on the aquarium bottom and try to hide.

White Discoloration Around Mouth And Eyes

The last sign to tell Kuhli Loaches’s worst condition is when white discoloration around their mouth and eyes appears. It is the consequence of high depression and being bullied by other fish in the tank. Therefore, your Kuhli Loach can lose their bulletproof, slime coat, and lead to death.

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How To Prevent Your Kuhli Loach From Dying?

With the above information, you all know how to tell if Kuhli Loach is dead. So, how to prevent it? Please refer to the content below!

Maintain Water Conditions

The first thing you should do to help prolong your Kuhli Loach life span is to maintain water conditions. You should remember to mitigate the water temperature ranging from 73°F-86°F. 

Moreover, you need to ensure the sanitation of the aquarium. Kuhli Loach requires clean water to thrive well. Besides, maintaining the pH level of aquarium water is also very significant. The perfect pH level for Kuhli Loach is from 5.5 to 6.5.

Add Hiding Spaces

How To Tell If Kuhli Loach Is Dead? - GA Pet Sitters

How To Prevent Your Kuhli Loach From Dying? – Add hiding spaces

Remember to add more hiding spots for Kuhli Loach because they need more space to get out of the water! Especially, Kuhli Loaches laying one side up requires it a lot.

Prevent And Treat Diseases

You should memorize to separate sick Kuhli Loaches from other healthy fish to avoid spreading the disease, parasites, or viruses. This is the way to keep other Kuhli Loach safe and healthy.

Separate Male From Female Kuhli Loach

We all know that Kuhli Loach is not schooling fish but they can live friendly and well in a group of 5 or 6 fish. However, keeping males and females in the same aquarium is not smart. You should separate male and female fish to avoid conflicts when they are between 6 and 8 months old. Because that is the time when Kuhli Loach grows sexual aspects completely.

Proper Diet

It is not difficult to keep Kuhli Loach because they can eat diverse food in aquariums. They can eat eagles, bloodworms, or flake food. However, Kuhli Loach fancies meaty food such as bloodworms because this food can provide them with abundant nutrition. Besides, it is better to feed them 2 or 3 times per day with the proper amount of food. Do not overfeed them!

Cycle Your Tank

Cycling the fish tanks is the most effective way to keep Kuhli Loaches alive and prolong their lifespan. They need clean water and the best habitat to thrive fast. Hence, let’s make sure that your fish tanks are cycled well.

In Conclusion: How To Tell If Kuhli Loach Is Dead?

In conclusion, as the owners, it might be so bad and blue when indicating your Kuhli Loaches losing their lives. So, we should know how to tell if Kuhli Loach is dead and understand what we can do to help them live longer in the best environment. 

Through this article, GA Pet Sitters ensures that you already get more knowledge in Kuhli Loach. We hope that your Kuhli Loach can live up to 15 years even in an aquarium habitat.