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Kuhli LoachHow To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? - Best Ways...

How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? – Best Ways For You

Maybe, Kuhli Loach is quite difficult to breed, and, sometimes, fishkeepers even have no opportunity to experience the breeding period of Kuhli Loaches. Moreover, people often doubt whether their Kuhli Loaches are pregnant or fat. Thus, do you know how to tell if a Kuhli Loach is pregnant?

Even when there are some obese fish in the aquarium and these fish will suffer from disease because of their overweight body. However, what will you do if your Kuhli Loach contains hundreds of eggs inside their belly? That means they are pregnant, not overweight.

How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? - GA Pet Sitters
How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? – Best Ways For You

When gravid with eggs, Kuhli Loach’s belly skin will be so clear that you can see eggs through their skin layer. Moreover, their body will get plumper. Their color will fade away day by day and their behaviors will be slightly different compared to normal days.

Besides, it is very wonderful when a Kuhli Loach is pregnant, and not many people have a chance to witness it. So, when is a Kuhli Loach pregnant, and how to tell if a Kuhli Loach is pregnant? If you have no idea, let’s refer to this article by GA Pet Sitter to get more knowledge!

How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant?

First of all, we want to make it clear that your Kuhli Loach cannot be pregnant, they are gravid with egg. Maybe, there is something wrong with some people when using academic words. But you need to remember, Kuhli Loaches will be gravid with eggs during breeding time, not pregnant.

However, it is very difficult for Kuhli Loach to lay eggs if they are in the home aquarium. Many people complain that they tried their best to help Kuhli Loach breed successfully. But what they got back was nothing.

How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? - GA Pet Sitters
How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant?

However, it is not true when you say that there is zero percentage of Kuhli Loaches laying eggs in an indoor environment. If you look after it correctly following certain things, your Kuhli Loaches can absolutely lay eggs and you will have adorable Kuhli Loach babies to play with.

Plus, to have Kuhli Loach babies, you need to make sure that your Kuhli Loach bellies are full of tiny eggs. So, the below content will show you how to tell if a Kuhli Loach is pregnant.

Steps To Find Out If Your Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant Or Not

Please follow these steps to figure out whether your Kuhli Loaches are pregnant or not:

  • The first step for you is the fact that you have to look at the middle section of their body, which means looking at their stomach. when you see them thicker and plumper and their stomach is distended, their bellies are gravid with a large number of eggs.
  • Noticing their belly’s color is the second step you should do. When gravid with eggs, their belly skin color will be faded when you compare their belly’s color with other body parts. But you should pay attention to the features that make their color fade away. Do not make mistakes!
  • The third thing you should care about is the layer of your Kuhli Loaches’ belly. Due to gravid with eggs, their layers will be skinner and you even can see their eggs through their belly.
  • Finally, you should notice the behavior between male Kuhli Loaches and female Kuhli Loaches. Their action will be quite different and strange when the females are gravid with eggs. And the females will show the signals to males when they are ready to lay eggs.

How Long Is A Kuhli Loach Pregnant?

Kuhli Loaches will not keep their eggs for a long time. So, when you see their belly full of eggs, you should prepare the right environment imitating monsoon season for them. This environment will make them excited and comfortable laying eggs.

If you can create this environment well, your Kuhli Loach will swim around the aquarium interestedly. Moreover, both male and female fish will swim together on the surface water. Then female Kuhli Loach will lay their eggs on plant roots while males will fertilize eggs.

Moreover, your Kuhli Loach only keeps their eggs for one or two weeks till their belly is full of eggs. Then, they will spawn eggs.

How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? - GA Pet Sitters
How Long Is A Kuhli Loach Pregnant?

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How To Take Care Of Pregnant Kuhli Loach?

During the period of gravid with eggs, your female Kuhlo Loach will become uncomfortable and sensitive even when there is only a small change in the aquarium. Furthermore, your Kuhli Loach will need more power to promote their immune system and protect themselves from bacteria, parasites as well as disease.

There is some way to take care of pregnant Kuhli Loaches, please take a look:

  • You should ensure to balance the water temperature as well as water quality to not affect your pregnant Kuhli Loach. Let’s avoid fluctuating water quality and temperature!
  • If you do not have much time to always check the water temperature, let’s install an aquarium heater. It will help to deal with the water temperature.
How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? - GA Pet Sitters
How To Take Care Of Pregnant Kuhli Loach?
  • Remember to check the water parameters to maintain the aquarium filtration system working well!
  • Change 5% of the water daily! However, everything should not be too much. Enough is enough. If you can, just do it once a day!
  • Food is always important to provide your Kuhli Loach with energy and protein. you should remember to feed them nutritious food. Nevertheless, you should not let them overeat to avoid obesity, just feed them sufficiently.
  • Avoid keeping your pregnant Kuhli Loaches with fighting fish such as betta imbellis or bullying tank mates! They can be hurt by these fish.
  • Remove all the decorations that can be harmful to Kuhli Loaches and their eggs!

How Many Eggs Will Kuhli Loach Lay?

On average, a Kuhli Loach can lay from 500 to 600 eggs every time they are gravid eggs. Although the death rate can be pretty high, how can you imagine when all these eggs successfully turn into Kuhli Loach babies? It will be heaven or you will run out of energy to keep them? 

How Many Kuhli Loach Eggs Usually Hatch?

Many people think that with the large number of eggs Kuhli Loach can lay, it is impossible for these eggs to be alive. Moreover, they think that the rate of eggs hatching will be not high. However, if you take care of these eggs well, you can get a total of 400 baby fish out of 600 eggs. 

Be patient and maintain water condition with perfect temperature and quality, you will get what you want. And you will see the eggs hatched after two days.

Where Do Kuhli Loaches Lay Eggs?

Although Kuhli Loaches cannot live in their natural habitat anymore, it does not mean that they will give up their natural features. Even though they are living in home aquariums, their natural behaviors still remain.

Thus, you have to create the right place as their natural environment for them to lay eggs. As you know, Kuhli Loach can be caught in a place having dark light and dense vegetation. They will look for any places with the same features above such as the roots of floating plants. Hence, you have to create the same for them.

What Does Kuhli Loach Eggs Look Like?

The eggs of Kuhli Loach are greenish and it looks like a small jelly. Moreover, their color is quite bright and you do not need to spend too much time looking for them. You can identify them easily in the aquarium. 

How Many Babies Does Kuhli Loach Have?

The number of Kuhli Loach babies will rely on how many eggs will be hatched. Normally, there will be about 400 Kuhli Loach babies. However, the result is influenced by the tank conditions, water parameters, and diet.

The number of alive Kuhli Loach is just about 10 to 50 baby fish. So, you should be careful to save the lives of your Kuhli Loach baby.

How To Tell If A Kuhli Loach Is Pregnant? - GA Pet Sitters
How Many Babies Does Kuhli Loach Have?

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Do Kuhli Loaches Eat Eggs?

It is impossible. Your Kuhli Loaches can eat eggs. They will search for food like daily days and they will eat what they can eat. So, that is the reason why you separate pregnant fish from other fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Kuhli Loaches Breed?

Of course, Kuhli Loach can breed. However, it is quite complicated for them when they are kept as a pet in the aquarium. If you want them to do it, you should create the right environment for them (monsoon weather). Additionally, it will depend on the suitable season to spawn eggs.

Why Is My Kuhli Loach Swimming Up And Down?

There are many reasons why your Kuhli Loach swimming up and down. Maybe, they just do it for fun and nothing is wrong with them. However, this behavior can be caused by the change in water parameters. For more information, you can refer to this article: Why is my Kuhli Loach swimming up and down?


In conclusion, to make a Kuhli Loach spawn weather is not easy and whether your Kuhli Loach is successful or not, depends on so many factors such as tank condition, water temperature, the environment, and so on. However, there is nothing easy in this world. We believe that through this article, somehow, you can help your Kuhli Loaches breed.


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