How To Catch A Kuhli Loach? – The Best Method For You

How to catch a Kuhli Loach? Kuhli Loach adores hiding under sand or inside hiding spots in aquariums, which can be considered one of their habits. Hence, for someone who wants to catch them, it will be quite a bit difficult.

How To Catch A Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

How To Catch A Kuhli Loach? – The Best Method For You

Moreover, if you do not catch them right, your Kuhli Loach can be under depression. Moreover, it can create a chao inside aquariums. Hence, do you know the best way to catch Kuhli Loach? GA Pet Sitter will show you through the article: How to catch a Kuhli Loach? – The best method for you.

Are Kuhli Loaches Wild Caught?

Kuhli Loaches originates from Southeast Asia. You can easily find it in Malaysia, Lao or Cambodia. Moreover, most Kuhli Loaches are indeed wild-caught because it is so difficult to reproduce Kuhli Loach successfully in an aquarium environment.

Kuhli Loach is well-known for being friendly and sociable. Although they are not schooling fish, they still can live well in a group of 5 or 6 Kuhli Loaches. They will be more active and happier when living in a group of fish. So, Kuhli Loach is shoaling fish.

Do Loaches Like To Hide?

To be honest, if you see a Kuhli Loach hiding or burying themselves under the sand or tank ornaments, this is just an ordinary action and behavior of your fish.

How To Catch A Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

Do Loaches like to hide?

Also, because of their origins from small streams in Southeast Asia, Kuhli Loaches are often shy. So, they tend to hide and bury themselves. To deal with this issue, you should keep them into a group of Kuhli Loach. They will be less shy and more confident if you keep them in a group.

Besides, this phenomenon will happen if Kuhli Loach lives with aggressive fish. To avoid the attack of other tank mates, they will try to hide and get away from these aggressive fish. Moreover, when this situation lasts for a long time, your Kuhli Loach can be under depression.

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How Do You Get Kuhli Loach To Come Out?

When you keep a Kuhli Loach, you may be surprised because you will not always see them in the tank. Then, you will wonder “Where is my Kuhli Loach?”. Actually, your fish are hiding underneath sand or hiding pot.

To Kuhli Loach, they spend a lot of time hiding and just coming out to look for food at night or during feeding time. So, if you want to get your Kuhli Loach to come out, let’s give them some food or you have to wait until night, they will come out. 

Because Kuhli Loaches often sleep during the day and are full of energy to figure out the world at night time, this can be understandable.

Where To Get Kuhli Loaches?

As we mentioned before, Kuhli Loaches come from Southeast Asia. Obviously, you can find them in Southeast Asia countries such as  Malaysia, Thailand, and Borneo.

How To Catch A Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

Where To Get Kuhli Loaches?

Plus, Kuhli Loach has had a long history until now. In the past, The first time Kuhli Loaches were recognized was in 1846. They were caught as an abundant food source for humans.

Nowadays, you can easily see them sold in pet stores and many family aquariums in the world. Because they are quite friendly and can be good tankmates in aquariums, a lot of people select Kuhli Loaches to keep.

How To Catch A Kuhli Loach?

If you would like to catch a Kuhli Loach for different purposes such as changing the water aquarium, there are several methods for you. Let’s refer to some of the most effective ways that GA Pet Sitters prepared for you below:

  • First, you can use the net to catch Kuhli Loach. Let’s put the net into the aquarium with some food and wait for them! Your Kuhli Loaches will come and lay on the net, which is the ideal time to get them.
  • Secondly, we all understand that Kuhli Loaches fancy hiding. Thus, it is necessary to remove all hiding spots in the tank, which can help you to catch them more easily and fast.
How To Catch A Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

How To Catch A Kuhli Loach?

  • Finally, let’s set a fish trap! Everything you need is a glass vase and some food. You can put the vase in the tank, then put some food inside. After that, you just need to wait for Kuhli Loaches! When they get hungry, they will come and swim to the vase to eat. As a result, you can catch them.

However, during the period of catching and releasing, you should pay attention to your gesture. Do not make them scared or hurt them! If they are too disturbed and overemotional, Kuhli Loach can be injured. After that, your fish will suffer from serious trauma and this can last a long time.

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How Many Kuhli Loaches Are In A 55 Gallon?

For a fish tank with about 55 gallons, you can keep up to 6 Kuhli Loaches. Moreover, if your tank is 15 gallons in size, you are only able to keep about 3 – 4 Kuhli Loaches at the same time.

More specifically, each Kuhli Loach suit is from 3 to 5 gallons, so you can refer to this to choose the most suitable tank for them, depending on the amount of fish you are going to keep.

How Big Of A Tank Do 3 Kuhli loaches Need?

For three Kuhli Loaches in the tank, you only need a 15-gallon fish tank. This is the minimum tank size for them. Besides, you should make sure that you create a good spacious environment for Kuhli Loaches to thrive well. The more comfortable habitat for them is, the better life for them to live in aquariums.

How To Catch A Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

How Big Of A Tank Do 3 Kuhli loaches Need?

Do Kuhli Loaches Clean Tank?

Frankly speaking, Kuhli Loach is extremely good at cleaning the fish tank. When they come out and search for food, they are likely to eat everything in the tank including snails or algae. 

In addition, Kuhli Loach is famous for scavenging. These fish can eat leftover food and the dirt inside the aquarium, especially on the aquarium bottom. Hence, Kuhli Loach can give their owners a hand to clean the keep hygiene of the fish tank.

How fast do Kuhli Loaches grow?

Kuhli Loach’s size is able to increase about one-half inch to two inches per month. Also, when their size is from 3 inches to 4 inches in size, they will stop growing.

Conclusion: How To Catch A Kuhli Loach?

To sum up, through this article, we ensure that you already know how to catch a Kuhli Loach. As we told you, you can use a net to catch them. Moreover, please remember to remove all hiding spots to not hurt your Kuhli Loaches! Besides, the best way can be used is to find a clear vase and set a fish trap with some food inside the vase.

GA Pet Sitters hopes that you can be successful in catching Kuhli Loach without creating wounds for them.