How To Care For Kuhli Loach? – Best Care Guide For Kuhli Loaches

We all know that because Kuhli Loach is freshwater fish, we can easily find it in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and India. However, its origin is from Borneo, Indonesia. A Kuhli Loach can live up to 20 years and its length can grow to 13 centimeters. However, how to care for Kuhli Loach?How To Care For Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

How To Care For Kuhli Loach?Moreover, Kuhli Loach is a friendly fish and never bothers any other animals living with them in the same environment. That is the reason why you should not keep them with aggressive tank mates because they can be hurt by others. If Kuhli Loach is kept in an indoor environment, inside the aquarium, it can live up to 15 years in case of good condition.

Because Kuhli Loach is a unique species, they can adapt to any environment even if they live in areas having bad water conditions such as Southeast Asian areas. Hence, Kuhli Loach can live well with any filtration system type, even under gravel filters.

So, how to care for Kuhli Loaches, especially in a captivity habitat? Maybe, you do not have the answer. Nevertheless, do not worry! GA Pet Sitters will help you answer this question through this article. Let’s take a look! 

About Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loaches have a reputation for being one of the hospitable and peaceful fish in the fish world. Originated from Borneo, Indonesia, Kuhli Loaches tend to be lively in nightlife. Once you look at their appearance, Kuhli Loach seems also like “spiny eels”. 

They possess vibrant colors with red and white stripes or orange and black stripes. Plus, some of them have other beautiful colors such as gray, yellow, green, and silver. Due to the diversity in colors, Kuhli Loaches are beloved by so many fish-lovers.

How To Care For Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

About Kuhli Loach

During the day, you do not often see them because they often hide under the sand or rock, or leave at river bottoms. At night, when the water surface is covered by a dark layer, Kuhli Loaches will go out and look for food. 

The suitable temperature for Kuhli Loach to thrive well is from 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. To its size, a normal Kuhli Loach is about 5 inches (roughly 13 cm) in length and 3/4 inches (roughly 2 cm) in width. It is quite small when compared to other freshwater fish.

How To Take Care Of Kuhli Loach?

Although Kuhli Loach is not a schooling fish, it does not means that they can live alone happily. Kuhli Loaches tend to live in a group of 5 or 6 fish together in an environment. This is because they will feel safer and happier when living in a group like a family and exploring their habitat. 

Especially, if you are keeping a group of 5 or 6 Kuhli Loaches, it is necessary to put them into an aquarium with 20 gallons, which helps them to be comfortable and can thrive very well.

The Tank Size Your Kuhli Loach Needs

The most important thing you should remember when keeping Kuhli Loach is to choose the suitable tank size for them. You should ensure that this tank size is spacious and comfortable enough for them to swim, look for food and explore their surroundings like a wild habitat.

The ideal tank size for Kuhli Loach is more than 75 gallons of water, which is so spacious and good for them. Moreover, you need to remember that you have to prepare the best habitat for them before bringing them home and putting them live in your aquarium. 

Tank Mates

As we mentioned before, Kuhli Loaches is a species that love peace and quiet. They avoid conflicts with other species in the wild habitats as well as in the aquarium at your house. So, you should not let other aggressive fish live together with them, especially bottom-dwelling species activating at night.

How To Care For Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

Tank Mates

If you do that, your Kuhli Loaches can be hurt or wounded until dying in the fight with other tank mates. Plus, they cannot have enough food to eat when living in the same place with a faster, more aggressive, and smarter species than them.

Kuhli Loach can live and get along well with other fish friends in the aquarium, but not for aggressive or boisterous fish such as Oscars.

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Male To Female Ratio

It is probably significant to identify the ratio between male and female Kuhli Loach. The suitable ratio for them is 2:4, which means if you keep two male Kuhli Loach, it is essential to keep 4 female Kuhli Loach.

So, why is it so important? Because if there are no correspondings in the number of male and female fish, it is so easy to create fights between them. For example, a male Kuhli Loach can fight with another male to catch females’ attention.

Furthermore, according to environmentalists, Kuhli Loach has sexually dimorphic, so you can easily identify their gender. The typical feature between male and female Kuhli Loaches is their stripes. Male Kuhli Loaches’ black stripe will prolong from their eyes to their tail while females do not have this feature.

Balance The Water Parameters

Another important factor you should and must pay attention to is water parameters. Water is known as the source of life for fish, so there is nothing strange when water parameters are so ultimate.

First of all, you should ensure the pH level of water for your Kuhli Loaches. To Kuhli Loach, the suitable pH level is about 76. Their hardness is often medium. They will fluctuate from 0 degrees to 15 dGH.

How To Care For Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

Balance The Water Parameters

In addition, the ideal temperature is from 73 to 82 degrees. Tap water can be used to fill your fish tank but you should know that tap water contains a large amount of chlorine and metals. Thus, you should remove chlorine and other metals from the water before putting water in the aquarium.

Install Heater, Filter, And Other Equipment

It is so convenient for you to install heaters or filters into your fish tank since it helps you a lot in the process of taking care of Kuhli Loach. It helps to maintain water temperature and water quality. Moreover, this equipment warns us about water conditions when the water quality is bad or fluctuated.

If you are a newbie and do not know how to set up the right temperature for a tank heater, let us give you a hand. To Kuhli Loaches, you should set up 75 degrees Fahrenheit for a tank heater to protect and maintain water temperature. 

Even during winter, with this temperature, they can be warm enough to thrive and avoid disease or get sick because of weather changes. Additionally, a quality filtration system also plays a key role in the growth of Kuhli Loach.

Feeding Your Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loach loves meaty foods, so do not forget to feed them this kind of food such as brine shrimp or bloodworms. This food can provide them with abundant protein and nutrition. Moreover, Kuhli Loach also can eat other food like pellets, and flake food. Nevertheless, these food are not as good as meaty food like bloodworms.

Plus, you should not overfeed them. It is great when feeding your Kuhli Loach three or four times a day, which is enough.

How To Care For Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

Feeding Your Kuhli Loach

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Taking Care Of Pregnant Kuhli Loach

For anyone who desires to breed Kuhli Loach, you should remember to feed them with quality food and wait till their stomach becomes empty before refeeding them. The time for female Kuhli Loach pregnancy is from April to May and the period for gestation can last between two weeks and three months.

Maintaining The Kuhli Loach Tank

To maintain the Kuhli Loach tank, firstly, you should memorize to clean the aquarium frequently to ensure sanitation. Also, Kuhli Loaches are crazy about hiding pots, so remember to create some for them!

How To Care For Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters

Maintaining The Kuhli Loach Tank

Let’s care for them and give them attention whenever you can! Moreover, because each Kuhli Loach species has its own features with different needs and demands, you need to get to know them well to know what they truly need.

Prevent And Treat Diseases

If there is any ill fish, you should try to cure and treat Kuhli Loach following the right medication. Moreover, quarantine is necessary for your fish. You should separate ill fish, which avoids spreading disease and parasites to other fish in the tank.

Why Taking Care Of Your Kuhli Loach Is Important?

Your Kuhli Loach can come up with several health problems if you do not take care of them well. To Kuhli Loaches, they have their own specific needs to live, especially when living in aquariums. You should meet their need to make sure that they can thrive well and happily. Moreover, this is also a way to help their lifespan longer. If everything is beneficial, your Kuhli Loaches can live up to 15 years.


Are Kuhli Loach Hardy?

Obviously, they are. However, you will not need to worry about the disease, sickness, or parasite too much if you can take care of Kuhli Loaches well and ensure they live in a good condition. Most importantly, you have to keep the clean water for them, which is so important.


The article has just shown you everything about Kuhli Loach. Through this article, GA Pet Sitters ensures that you know how to care for your Kuhli Loach. And we believe that you can look after your fish well when knowing what to do for them. Let’s have the most beautiful time with your Kuhli Loach!