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Kuhli LoachHow Many Species Of Kuhli Loach? - Top 3 Kuhli Loach Types...

How Many Species Of Kuhli Loach? – Top 3 Kuhli Loach Types For You

Kuhli Loach is very famous in the fishkeeper world because they are special fish with a friendly personality. If you are the one who has kept Kuhli Loaches for a long time, whether, can you answer the question: “ How many species of Kuhli Loach?”. If not, GA Pet Sitters will give you a hand to solve this question.

How Many Species Of Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters
How Many Species Of Kuhli Loach? – Top 3 Kuhli Loach Types For You

Known as bottom-dwellers, they are freshwater fish with diverse types. Generally, Kuhli Loach is divided into three types: Pangio Kuhlii, Pangio Anguillaris, and Pangio Oblonga. Or you can call them: Coolie Loach,  Silver Kuhli loaches, and Black Kuhli loaches.

To gain more knowledge about these fish, you should read this article: “ how many species of Kuhli Loach?”! Let’s take a look!

Types Of Kuhli Loaches

So,  how many species of Kuhli Loach? According to the report of environmentalists, there are three types of Kuhli Loach found in nature. They are Coolie Loach called by another scientist name: Pangio Kuhlii. Next, we have Black Kuhli. Black Kuhl is also called by the name: Pangio Oblonga. And the last one is Silver Kuhli – Pangio Anguillaris.

To identify them, you should look at the differences in body shape, color as well as habitat between them.

Kuhli Loach (Pangio Kuhlii)/ Coolie Loach

Collie Loach, or Pangio Kuhlii, are the most popular Kuhli Loach type that you can find them easily in pet stores because they are quite easy to catch all year around. Their typical color is a mix of brown or black stripes prolongs on their body. Besides, they can possess emerald green on the top of their body and white in their bellies.

How Many Species Of Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters
Kuhli Loach (Pangio Kuhlii)/ Coolie Loach

Kuhli Loach is freshwater fish originating from Southeast Asia such as Malaysia or Indonesia. They have a long body like a snake with a small tail. Their color is often brown with so many darker stripes along their body. Moreover, yellow bands can be seen on their long body.

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Black Kuhli (Pangio oblonga)

Black Kuhli’s body is quite slender and thinner than Coolie Loach’s. Their head is pointed and they have an upturned mouth. When they are mature, their size will be larger. Some black Kuhli can grow up to 12 centimeters. Black Kuhli tends to have a dark brown color. Moreover, it will have yellow stripes that prolong follow its body.

Silver Kuhli (Pangio anguillaris)

The last one in the list of 3 Kuhli Loach types is silver Kuhli. Their origin is from Southeast Asia and they are keen on living in streams and water flowing slowly. Their body length is the longest when compared with other Kuhli Loach types. 

Obviously, with this length, their body is longer and their head is rounder than black Kuhli. Their color is more diverse with white, light brown, or gray. Their stripes can be black or dark brown in color.

Most importantly, silver Kuhli is bigger than both black Kuhli and Coolie Loach. They can grow up to 11 centimeters when they are just three or four months. To sum up, they have nothing special except their larger body and take less time to be mature.

What Separates Different Types of Kuhli Loaches?

To be honest, there is nothing different if we mention their origins or genes, except their color and size. According to the above information we provided for you, silver Kuhli and black Kuhli have clear differences in their color and body size. Moreover, the time for them to grow completely also makes a difference.

We all know that black Kuhli size is smaller than silver Kuhli’s. According to the report, silver Kuhli can be 2-inch longer than black Kuhli. Moreover, the period for black Kuhli to grow perfectly takes longer than silver Kuhli. 

How Many Species Of Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters
What Separates Different Types of Kuhli Loaches?

For black Kuhli, it will have to spend six months to a year to reach the maximum size while silver Kuhli can grow up to 4 inches in just about 3 or 4 months. Hence, that is the reason why the black Kuhli Loach body size is slender while the silver Kuhli body size is larger.

Types Of Striped Kuhli Loaches

Pangio oblonga

Black Kuhli Loach is also called by another name: Black Coolie. These fish in freshwater fish found in Southeast Asia. They can be identified by their long body with a pointed head including a thin tail. 

They have a silver stripe and their size can grow up to 12 centimeters (5 inches). Furthermore, they will have to take from 6 to a year to reach the maximum size. However, there are some Kuhli smaller and slimmer. They are also black Kuhli but they only reach 4 inches when grown accomplish. So, do not misunderstand or wonder about their origins!

How Many Species Of Kuhli Loach? - GA Pet Sitters
Types Of Striped Kuhli Loaches

Pangio kuhlii

Pangio Kuhlii has a brighter body color when compared with other Kuhli Loach like silver or black Kuhli. Moreover, they are rounded in the body and head. Coolie Loach is known as the most common Kuhli Loach type in the world. They possess yellow and brown stripes. Plus, Collie Loach can grow up to 6 inches. Hence, this is known as the largest Kuhli Loach type here.

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Which Type Of Kuhli Loaches Is Best To Keep?

It is quite difficult to answer this question because each person has their own standard to select the most suitable fish for them. However, we would like to recommend you to keep  Pangio Kuhlii or black Kuhli Loaches. Why? Because they are more friendly and better than silver Kuhli. Also, Pangio Kuhlii and black Kuhli Loaches are more suitable to keep in a limited environment like the aquarium.

What Is The Most Captivating Kuhli Loach?

Obviously, Pangio Kuhlii should be chosen as the most captivating Kuhli Loach among their counterparts. The reason is that they have diversity in colors such as browns and blacks. When you compare them with silver Kuhli, silver Kuhli only has one firm color. That is the reason why you should keep Pangio Kuhlii to be as a pet because it is more aestheticism.

Conclusion: How Many Species Of Kuhli Loach?

Through our article, you already know how many species of Kuhli Loach are. Although they come from the same species, Coolie Loach,  Silver Kuhli loaches, and Black Kuhli loaches still exist the differences. Kuhli Loach is not too difficult to keep but it is not easy as well. GA Pet Sitters hopes that our articles can help you to keep them thriving well and live a happy life.


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