Did Goldfish Sleep? How, When And How Can You Tell?

did goldfish sleep

  Did Goldfish Sleep?  Goldfish are fascinating creatures, but it can be hard to tell what exactly is going on inside the fish tank. There are many reasons a goldfish might sleep more than usual, including illness, boredom or simply the time of day (goldfish tend to rest during daylight hours). The key is knowing … Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat In The Wild? What Is The Risk Of Overfeeding?


  Goldfish are a kind of pet fish that is very familiar to everyone, particularly those who have a hobby of fishkeeping. There is a typical question in goldfish farming: “What do goldfish eat in the wild?” Goldfish are omnivores and require nutritious foods providing high contents of carbohydrates and proteins. Marines plants are also … Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat In A Pond? The Ultimate Guide For Your Goldfish Diets

What to feed your goldfish

  Goldfish owners often give store-bought food to their pets. This kind of food appears to not be as healthful as natural food sources. It does, however, meet the health standards of goldfish raised in ponds.  What do goldfish eat in a pond? There are some requirements for goldfish food. Besides, the frequency and quantity … Read more