Top 10 Best Air Stones For Fish Tank & Circulation System

Need more information about the best air stones? This article is what you shouldn’t miss. Keep reading slowly to get the key points!

The air stones are an essential part of your aquarium. Its most significant use is to keep the aquarium clean and reduce bacteria that can cause filter blockages or water pollution.

In addition, they also help improve the aesthetic of your aquarium. This decoration piece comes in a variety of shapes, creating eye-catching and fun air bubbles.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 products that are worth your consideration. If you’re ready, let’s start!

Best Air Stones For Fish Tank 

We’ve tried many products before finding these top best items. Each has pros and cons that you should consider carefully before deciding which is the best one for you.

biOrb Airstone – Best Overall 

biOrb Airstone

biOrb Airstone

If you’re looking for a standard quality with outstanding performance, don’t ignore this biOrb Airstone – the best overall item on this list.

With a compact design, it’s suitable for both small and large fish tanks. Despite its small size, it still works very well with high effectiveness.

Working with commendable performance ensures an adequate supply of oxygen to your aquarium. With a steady and continuous flow of bubbles, it guarantees aesthetics and high capacity.

Moreover, it won’t take you too much time to install. And cleaning tasks won’t be a problem anymore as it will support you a lot thanks to the simple and easy-to-clean design.

This one costs you a bit more than the average range for an air stone. Still, compared to the advantages it brings, this price is totally worth paying.

What we like

  • Small and compact design
  • Outstanding performance
  • Stable and high-density bubble flow
  • Easy to install and clean

What should be improved

  • A bit pricey

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Marine Metal ABS-3 Bubble Donut – Best Stable

Marine Metal ABS-3 Bubble Donut

Marine Metal ABS-3 Bubble Donut

If you are looking for a product that can stabilize well at the bottom, it’s Marine Metal ABS-3 Bubble Donut.

With a round disc design, you can easily put it on the bottom of the tank. When in operation, they will be fixed, and you don’t need to prepare any additional accessories.

The high-density bubble flow with the strong force that it produces is commendable. It ensures oxygen supply for the aquarium, no matter how large or small.

Besides, the round disc shape will also create a nice and even flow of bubbles. It will enhance the aesthetics of your aquarium.

It would be better if the plastic part is more solid. We found it a bit fragile, with the potential to break if dropped  or impacted by a strong force.

What we like

  • High stability
  • Even and high-density bubble flow
  • Eye-catching outcome
  • Reasonable price

What should be improved

  • The plastic part is a bit fragile

EcoPlus Round Air Stone– Best Quality

EcoPlus Round Air Stone

EcoPlus Round Air Stone

We highly recommend this EcoPlus Round Air Stone for its outstanding quality. 

A durable structure with carefully assembled parts enhances the longevity of this product. This feature makes it last and maintain excellent performance for a longer time compared to other unqualified items on the market.

With such a design, it’s quite space-saving. You can put it right inside the corner of the aquarium without worrying about it taking too much space.

When used for a long time means you have to clean it more often. However,  you don’t need to worry about this issue as the design of this product will be extremely easy for you to clean.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on an air stone, you can consider other items on this list since this product is at a medium to high price range.

What we like

  • Durable structure
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for both small and large tank

What should be improved

  • Pretty high price

Hygger Aquarium Air Stone – Best Equipment For Large Tank

Hygger Aquarium Air Stone

Hygger Aquarium Air Stone

A high-performance product, such as Hygger Aquarium Air Stone, is advisable for those who have a large tank. 

With adjustable bubble size and different amounts of oxidation, you can easily customize it to fit your aquarium. The oxygen in the tank will always be guaranteed for your fish to live well.

There is no need to worry about stabilizing it in the tank. It can work and fix itself well in the water with a durable design and a strong base.

This product’s ability to produce small, dense bubbles is highly appreciated. The professional thinks that this type of bubble will be very good for the development of fish.

Unfortunately, you need to clean  this product quite often. As the contact surface is pretty large, it can get clogged if it isn’t cleaned properly.

What we like

  • Customizable bubble size and oxygen amount
  • Small and dense bubbles
  • Good at stabilizing
  • Ideal for large spaces

What should be improved

  • Require frequently cleaning

Penn-Plax AS6Q 4-Pack Aqua Mist Air Stone – Best Value For Price

Penn-Plax AS6Q 4-Pack Aqua Mist Air Stone

Penn-Plax AS6Q 4-Pack Aqua Mist Air Stone

Are you looking for quality air stones but budget is your obstacle? Don’t worry! Penn-Plax AS6Q 4-Pack Aqua Mist Air Stone will be your savior.

You may think that all the low price items are unqualified. Still, that is not the case with this product. We ensure it will meet all your needs.

As this is a kit of four air stones, you can utilize it for a maximum of four fish tanks simultaneously. Or you can save them for later to replace when needed.

The solid design protects them from the impacts of the environment and fish inside the tank. Hence, you don’t need to worry about their durability at all.

As these air stones are of small size, we don’t recommend them for a large tank. It would be more suitable for small to medium tanks.

What we like

  • Bargain price
  • Set of four air stones for replacement
  • Solid and durable design 
  • Easy to use and clean

What should be improved

  • Not for a large tank

Finest-Filters Round Air Stones – Best For High-Density Bubbles

Finest-Filters Round Air Stones

Finest-Filters Round Air Stones

The high-density bubble is ideal for fish tanks as it will provide the water with quality oxygen. And Finest-Filters Round Air Stones is the product that can do this job well.

The small ventilation holes on the surface help create a steady stream of bubbles with a small size. It helps to increase the quality of oxygen supplied to the water source.

High performance makes them work well for a long time. Weak air propulsion or insufficient bubble threading to supply oxygen to the fish will not be your problem anymore. 

Plus, the price is another convincing feature that makes this product worth purchasing. With a set of 10 air stones, you can save a lot of money per pay.

With their ball-shaped design, they’re a little harder to stabilize in the water than the others on this list.

What we like

  • High-density bubble flow
  • Provide quality oxygen to the water
  • Not easy to get clogged
  • Affordable price

What should be improved

  • Hard to stabilize in water

Marina Longstone Airstone – Best For Stable Bubbles

Marina Longstone Airstone

Marina Longstone Airstone

The stable bubble is one of the factors that helps Marina Longstone Airstone make it to this list.

As mentioned above, stable bubbles will supply the water with “healthier” oxygen that is from 80% to 100% saturation. This creates the best condition for your fish to live and grow faster.

The long bar design makes it easy to fix on the bottom of the tank. When in operation, this product will create parallel, uniform, and eye-catching bubbles.

You don’t need to worry about the price since it’s a bargain. This item costs only 1/2 or 1/3 of other items at the same range and quality.

This is a basic item with a simple design. So if you’re looking for a decoration piece for your aquarium, it isn’t a suitable one.

What we like

  • Stable bubble flow
  • Supplies 80% to 100% oxygen saturation to water
  • Easy to place and clean
  • Reasonable price

What should be improved

  • Classic and simple design

GloFish Blue LED Bubbler Air Stone – Best For Decoration

GloFish Blue LED Bubbler Air Stone

GloFish Blue LED Bubbler Air Stone

If you’re looking for an air stone that works well and can make your aquarium sparkle, the GloFish Blue LED Bubbler Air Stone is what you need.

This item is a combination of lights and an air stone. These 6 blue LED lights contribute to your tank’s decoration, especially at night or when you turn the light off.

The air bubbles created by this air stone are quite small and uniform. Its flow is just enough to provide the right amount of oxygen to the water.

No matter if your tank is small or large, this item is suitable to use. It works well in different water levels and spaces.

However, the design with many details of this product will make it a bit difficult for you to clean up.

What we like

  • Blue lights for decoration
  • Small and even bubbles
  • Suitable for different spaces 
  • Reasonable price

What should be improved

  • Hard to clean

Penn Plax Aquarium Air Stone- Best For Small Space

Penn Plax Aquarium Air Stone

Penn Plax Aquarium Air Stone

Don’t you have a large space for a bulky air stone? Then Penn Plax Aquarium Air is what you shouldn’t ignore!

The long rectangular bar design makes this product more versatile with many different spaces. Even if you only have a very narrow space, it still manages to be a perfect fit.

Besides, thanks to its design, the cleaning task is no longer a problem. You can easily clean it with quick and simple steps, that’s all!

Air bubble flow that this product produces is also appreciated. The ventilation holes are uniform, less clogged, and work stably for a long time.

It isn’t suitable for a large fish tank. So you might want to consider other items on this list if you own a high-capacity tank.

What we like

  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Less clogged and stable bubble flow
  • Durable for a long time

What should be improved

  • Not suitable for large tanks

Interpet Long Airstone – Best Ease Of Clean

Interpet Long Airstone

Interpet Long Airstone

Are you tired of cleaning air stones? Are you looking for the one that can support you in this task? It should be Interpet Long Airstone.

Designed with a long square cylinder shape and no corners, cleaning the air stone is easier than ever. With a brush and detergent, you can clean it in 15 minutes only.

It’s ergonomic and compatible with small spaces. When there is not much space at the tank’s bottom, you can stand this product upright, and it can perform as well as usual.

If you’re not quite familiar with how to install air stones, this item is worth more consideration due to its simplicity. You only need about five minutes to set it up, and then you can enjoy the time with your fish tank.

This item is pretty small and light. For that reason, you may have to prepare some accessories to fix it in the tank.

What we like

  • Easy to clean 
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Fast install time
  • Even bubbles flow

What should be improve

  • Need prepare accessories to fix 

Different Types Of Air Stones 

Air stones are often produced in many different shapes and types. Each of them will have its characteristics to suit each person’s needs and aquarium.


This type can be made from stone, ceramic, or wood. Its design is quite simple, like a cylindrical block, a square box, or a long rectangular bar.

One end of these stones will be a hollow tube to connect to the air duct. Their bodies will include many tiny holes to create a cascade of bubbles when you turn them on. 

The main feature of this classic is its compact and ergonomic design. You can easily put it in the corner of the aquarium without taking up a lot of space. At a low price, classic air stones are available in most aquarium specialty stores.

Bubble Wand

Bubble wand also has a fairly simple design and doesn’t take up much space in your aquarium. Hence, it remains an ideal choice for you regardless of the size of your fish tank.

In addition to the frame with ventilation holes, the bubble wand also has a base for fixing. Therefore, you can easily place it inside or on the tank’s wall.

Unlike the round disc and classic air stone, the bubble wand doesn’t produce steady streams of air bubbles. The outcome will be bubbles with different sizes and densities.

Round Disc

If you have a large aquarium, this round dish type is worth considering. It can perform with a higher capacity than the others on this list. 

Its shape like a small round disc with one surface is the base; another surface contains many air vents. After being connected to the air duct, they will create a large and stable microbubble flow.

The contact area of ​​the surface with water is quite large. Therefore, you clean them regularly, avoiding clogging that reduces performance and causes pollution.

Bubble Ornaments

For those who want to upgrade and decorate their aquarium, bubble ornaments are the ideal choice. With a variety of designs and shapes, they will suit each of your styles and needs.

Compared to the rest, bubble ornaments have slightly worse performance. They will do a better job of decorating and beautifying the aquarium than providing oxygen for your fish.

As usual, these products will cost you higher than other types. Their prices will be dependent on design, size, brand, and so on.

Buying Guide

Certainly, we listed out some criteria to rank the products and choose the top 10 best overall. There are four angles that you should pay attention to before making a final decision.

Appearance And Efficiency

How would you like to have air stones? This question is very important because it will also somewhat affect the aesthetics of your aquarium.

Many people don’t really care about anything but the performance. In this case, appearance isn’t important. So classic air stones, round disks, or bubble wands are all acceptable.

Still, if you’re looking for the one that enhances your tank’s beauty, choosing carefully is necessary. The best option is the bubble ornaments that come in different designs that you  choose.

About the efficiency, you have to check this feature carefully. Many products, despite the enticing appearance,  deliver extremely bad performance. The outcome is a low density, and a weak bubble stream isn’t a great choice.

Build Quality

Ensure the product you choose can work well for three to six months. Of course, no one wants to buy air stones and throw them away after a few days of use.

The parts should be carefully assembled. Most cheap products are prone to being quite loose and easily damaged by a strong force.

It’s advisable to check the ventilation holes on the surface of the air stones. If they are clogged or too small, sometimes the bubble flow won’t be what you expect.

Size And Shape

Depending on the size of the fish tank, you can choose suitable air stones. An air stone that is too small won’t have enough capacity to supply oxygen to a large aquarium. Vice versa, too large air stones will take up many areas of ​​a small aquarium.


You shouldn’t buy a product that is over-budget. As you will have to replace air stones every six months to a year, purchasing an affordable one is always the best choice.

As usual, air stones can cost from one dollar to more than ten dollars for each. A tip that you can apply to save more money is to buy a set or kit.


For those buying air stones for the first time, there will be a lot of confusion. That’s why we’ve listed three of the most frequently asked questions and detailed answers that will be super supportive to you.

How To Clean The Air Stones?

The biggest problem with cleaning air stones is that the surface has a lot of air holes, which are difficult to clean completely and very easily clogged.

Step 1: Rinse and scrub: The first thing you need to do after removing the air stones from the air duct is to rinse them with water and scrub lightly. This one will help remove algae clinging to the outside of the rock for the next steps.

Step 2: Boil for 10 minutes: Boil the stones in water over low heat for about ten minutes to push the stain. Then, take them out and let them cool a bit before continuing.

Step 3: Soak in cleaning soap or conditioner: We can use bleach diluted with water in the 1:3 ratio. Soak your stone for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the condition of the stones.

Step 4: Rinse carefully again: Ensure you remove all bleach, soap, or any other detergent at this step. Because if not, it will probably affect the fish when you reinstall the air stones into the aquarium.

Step 5: Let them dry: The final step is to leave them completely dry. This step helps to avoid moldy, like when you put it right into storage while it’s still damp.

How To Install Air Stones?

For those who don’t know how to install air stones, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Connect air stone with the air pump
  • Choose a stable place in the aquarium to place the air stones. You can also attach them to the tank wall
  • Start the air pump and check the airflow. Watch the outcome of bubbles that air stones deliver
  • If the air stones do not produce air bubbles, check the air ducts or air holes on their surface.
  • After that, let them do their tasks.

Where Should I Place The Air Stones In A Water Tank?

Air stones can be placed anywhere in the aquarium you want. The important thing to note here is the convenience of connecting to the air pump and the bubble distribution area.

You can place them in the tank’s corner to facilitate connection to the air pump. The center is a great choice for air stones with high bubble density. For modest-sized aquariums, people often attach them to the wall of the tank to save space.

Proper aquarium care, you can find more information on some websites like GA Pet Sitters. Here, you will find the most useful information about taking care of your pet from how to give them the best living conditions.


Overall, you’ve had all the necessary information about the top 10 best air stones for the fish tanks and circulation systems. Expectedly, you’ll find it understandable and helpful for you to make a final decision.

biOrb Airstone is the best of the best we want to recommend to everyone. It’s of high quality with outstanding performance and durability.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check our buying guide to make sure you’ve chosen the most suitable item for yourself.