Why Did My Betta Fish Die Suddenly? 7 Reasons And Prevention

why did my betta fish die

Betta fish is native to far-off lands around the East and among the most preferred freshwater tropical species in the world of aquariums. It’s charming, mysterious with beautiful flowing fins and bold colors. Like any creature, betta fish can fall ill and die because of external factors or unfavorable conditions. When a healthy fish suddenly … Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat In The Wild? What Is The Risk Of Overfeeding?


Goldfish are a kind of pet fish that is very familiar to everyone, particularly those who have a hobby of fishkeeping. There is a typical question in goldfish farming: “What do goldfish eat in the wild?” Goldfish are omnivores and require nutritious foods providing high contents of carbohydrates and proteins. Marines plants are also another … Read more

Can Guppies Live With Bettas? How To Avoid The Attacks?


Guppies and Bettas are very popular fish today. But can guppies live with bettas? Yes, bettas and guppies may coexist. Both of them require the same pH and temperature in their habitat.  However, their nutritional requirements differ from one another. The differences in diets make it simple to provide them their appropriate food.  To keep … Read more

What Do Guppies Eat? What Human Foods You Should Not Feed to Your Guppies?


The guppy belongs to North-East and South America. They gain popularity in a lot of other countries over the world with extremely wide distribution. Guppy fishes are very well-known among those who like fishkeeping. These hardy guppies cheer up almost all aquariums with their sparkling colors and energetic lifestyle.  What do guppies eat? Guppy fishes … Read more

What Do Goldfish Eat In A Pond? The Ultimate Guide For Your Goldfish Diets

What to feed your goldfish

Goldfish owners often give store-bought food to their pets. This kind of food appears to not be as healthful as natural food sources. It does, however, meet the health standards of goldfish raised in ponds.  What do goldfish eat in a pond? There are some requirements for goldfish food. Besides, the frequency and quantity are … Read more